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Best Mortgage Broker In The Bay Area

By definition, a mortgage broker is an intermediary who helps homebuyers secure the necessary financing for purchasing a house.

As the best mortgage broker in the Bay Area, Dianne Crosby is the most trusted intermediary in the region. At Guaranteed Rates, we provide clients with competitive rates for their home purchase through skillful bargaining with potential lenders.

Dianne Crosby is client-oriented and uniquely handles each person's case, offering comprehensive and articulate brokering services to suit their particular needs.

Approaching A Mortgage Broker

The first thing you need to look at is the terms and conditions of the contract, which should be favorable for you. Also, check the percentage of the final amount paid the broker receives, duration of service, and if there are any hidden clauses within the document.

Also, your mortgage broker must be well connected within the industry to give you access to multiple lenders.  

Another important factor is their level of experience in the industry. With more than 18 years in the mortgage lending sector, Dianne Crosby has built a strong reputation that’s unmatched by any new or emerging brokering company.  

Moreover, with an overall rating of 5-star on Yelp, we can confidently say we are the premier home financing dealer in Berkeley, California, and the entire Bay region.

Do Mortgage Brokers Offer Similar Services?

No. Property lending brokers aren’t the same since they usually serve certain niche geographical areas. Also, they have tailored their services to only focus on target regions.

For instance, an agency found outside the Bay area won’t be familiar with the region’s property market dynamics. It, therefore, can’t be helpful to homebuyers in that particular neighborhood.   

Additionally, some brokers only work with high profile clients who are willing to spend millions on a home purchase.  At Guaranteed Rate, we don’t discriminate against anybody no matter their budget, whether big or small. 

How Much Do Mortgage Brokers Charge?

While commission rates vary across different brokers, on average, most of them charge between 0.46% - 0.65% of the total loan sum borrowed. For continuous payment plans, the figures may range between 0.1% - 0.35% on a periodic, monthly, or yearly basis.  

With Guaranteed Rate, you can rest assured we have some of the lowest and most flexible mortgage brokerage commissions in the industry. We don’t have a fixed rate that applies to all clients, but instead, we handle each matter on a case by case basis.

We are Your Trusted Mortgage Dealer

As one of the best mortgage broker in the Bay area, Guaranteed Rate is your go-to company. There’s a valid reason why many of our clients have given us a 5-star rating when it comes to mortgage brokerage services. We not only offer custom packages to our clients but also provide a personal touch. We listen to our clients, and we genuinely care for them. So far, we have managed to close over 5000 home loans within the region successfully. Contact us today on (510) 541-1662 to find the home of your dreams.

Best Mortgage Broker In The Bay Area